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20 years RISCOM


20 years RISCOM: 2004 – 2024

Dear customers, dear friends and interested people of RISCOM,

our company celebrates in 2024 its 20th anniversary. In August 2004, the company was founded by Mr. Mathias Landau in the area Bad Kreuznach. In early 2006, the company moved to Mainz, where we are located today. Over the years RISCOM has grown steadily. So the number of vehicles and the staff scales up step by step. Our core competence today is the limousine and chauffeur service and the vintage car rental with drivers for special occasions. On this page, we want to invite you on a little tour through the past. Join us virtually to the beginnings and the highlights of the past years of RISCOM. We thank you for your many years of trust and look forward to seeing you as well as customers in the future

Your RISCOM-Team



The first logo design for the company.

So good, that it has remained until today!



The first order

The first order for Riscom was 2004 Ideas Park from ThyssenKrupp. A two-month project, which was a great success!



Company brochure

It was already in 2005 a company brochure in which all services were represented. It was a high quality flyer, the outside as the logo was completely black with logo and contact details.



As early as 2004, an article on the subject of entrepreneurship was published in the journal Impulse. Riscom was the hanger.



Already in 2004 came from “Badesalz” a request to then-current filming “The baby with the gold tooth”. They sought a suitable vehicle in the form of a classic car for the movie wedding. Who better than the great vintage of Riscom here. Note also the also ordered chauffeur!



Badesalz: Recording from the set.



One of the first photos that were shown on our website was this image. All photos were then photographed themselves.

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